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John Roedel is a comic, husband and father of three boys based in Wyoming who began talking with “God” in 2015 on Facebook about his ongoing faith crisis. What began as a flippant way of making light of his doubts in the Divine turned into something he wasn’t at all prepared for:


God wrote back.


Since creating the popular Hey God. Hey John. blog on Facebook three years ago, John has tackled such topics as his journey to mental health wellness, his lack of faith, the joy and pain of raising a child with autism, and grief, all in the form of a simple conversation with God.

John is so grateful to the thousands of readers of the Hey God. Hey John. Facebook page.  They have been with him from my very first post about waffles and have accompanied him on his wild spiritual rollercoaster.  John’s readers have so generously showed up every day to share their own stories and to lift each other up. To have learned from them has been one of the greatest joys of his life.  



Hilarious and Uplifting

By Jane Smith

This book is hilarious and meaningful at the same time. It spreads such a light and interesting perspective on things.
I loved every second of it.

Funny, sad and thought provoking

By Mark E. Horan

Be careful with this book. Once you start reading it you won’t want to put it down. This is the real deal. Honest, funny and insightful. It’s written in a very personable and relatable way and I’ve found many passages to be extremely profound in their simplicity. I recommend it.

God is watching us, but he is talking to John

By Wyomaestroon

Introspective. Funny. May cause leakage from head sockets.

Great book...

By Anna I. Mcintyre

Absolutely beautifully written! Gave first away to my sister who needed some guidance. Bought another copy for another friend. Love this book!!!!

Amazing work


Great advice that you never knew you needed.

Amazing book

By Jula

I love this book. I’ve followed it on social media for a bit and bought the book the second it came out. I’m only halfway thru because I keep stopping to savor each page. I’ve put a stickie note for each letter that resonated with me in some way....and I can honestly say I’m almost out of stickies. Great book.

Humor, Gut-Level Honesty Make For A Worthwhile, Entertaining Read

By Dean6805

John gets real during his conversations with God in this collection of chats with The Maker. Rarely do you find such a well-blended combination of brutal honesty and self-deprecating wit as in this book. John is open about his struggles with depression, his uncertainty about his place in the world, and his unabashed love for his son, who has autism. Written for anyone who has ever questioned their place in the universe (read: everyone), this book won't leave the reader disappointed.

Profoundly moving

By Karen

I love the vulnerability of John as he shares the highs and lows of his faith journey. The messages in this book are highly relatable, and I found myself at times moved to laughter and tears. These conversations are definitely something I can see myself coming back to again and again.

Oh. My. Goodness. Can't stop thinking about this book!

By CanaRedon

I literally do not remember EVER reading a book that touched me more. Constantly thinking of people I want to share this with -- NEED to share this with.

Oh heck, everyone should read this amazing book. Do it!

Laugh and cry, and nod your head

By Stephanie Dougherty

The beautiful writing in this book is universal for everyone out there adulting, parenting, searching for reason/truth, or questioning why things are the way they are. Through wit and humor in short form, the author gives the gift of a coping mechanism for all the questions in life. Great read and one I will come back to over and over.


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